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Loc-Box’s Top 5 Tips for Getting the Best Value Self Storage

1. Shop Around

It always worth having a ring round to compare self storage rates. A quick search on Google will reveal who is local give them a call and check out their prices. When doing this make sure you are comparing like with like. Some companies may try and give you a price for a storage room which is smaller than you need, other will forget to mention hidden extras. If they seem reluctant to give you a quote over the phone be cautious. At Loc-Box we have a clear and straightforward pricing policy.

2. Look at Headline rates not just Specials

Whilst getting the first month half price or your first eight weeks for the price of four sound great don’t forget to look at the headline rates. Once the initial discount period comes to an end you will be tied in to the higher rates. Make sure these offer good value too.

3. Be Flexible on Location

If you need to access your storage unit everyday you will understandably need it to be close by but often customers find they are too busy to visit their storage unit as often as they expect to. If you are only going to visit once every blue moon it may be worth considering taking a storage unit further away if it is better value. At Loc-Box for example our unit at our Corby site are slightly cheaper than they are in the centre of Northampton. We have customers who realise this and even though they live in Northampton use our Corby facility as it represents better value for them.

4. Commit to staying long term

If you are certain that you need your storage space for several months or longer and able to pay up front you can often get a considerable discount. At Loc-Box we have run special offers which give our customers 10% off if they pay for 6 months upfront and up to 20% off if they book 12 months upfront. If you are able to take advantage of offers such as these you can save a considerable amount of money.

5. Ask how often they raise their rates

When comparing storage prices make sure you ask how frequently they review their prices. Some storage firms increase their prices for existing customer every three months. Whilst costs to rise and inevitably they have to be passed on to customers at Loc-Box we try not to do this more than once every 12 months. We also work to ensure that our rates remain amongst the most competitive in the region.

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